Complete and partial dentures

No one plans on having to get dentures one day, but it does happen. When you arrive at our office, you can rest assured that you will get first-class care and you’ll leave with the best quality of dentures available. Our works to go above and beyond all of your expectations to ensure you get dentures that are not only comfortable, but that also look natural. 

Multiple physiological factors are taken into consideration when we are getting ready to make each set of dentures. We work with you to ensure your needs are met while making sure your budget doesn’t get compromised. 

What Makes Our Dentures Different?

One primary attribute of well-functioning dentures is reliability.  Denture failures are uncomfortable and can be embarrassing in certain situations.  Dr. Vazira takes consider care in creating dentures that serve multiple functions.  Therefore, we optimize our dentures to:

  • Help you eat in the most natural way possible
  • Support jawbone function
  • Fill out lips and cheeks in ways that mimic natural teeth
  • Fit comfortably throughout the day and night 
  • Resist deterioration in the mouth’s environment 

To accomplish this, we look into multiple aspects relating to oral health including how facial muscles and tissues interact with the mouth.  Each element of oral health plays a significant role in functionality, maintaining comfort and appearance, so these need to be copied in every set of dentures created.  

Dr. Vazira understands that acquiring and maintaining dentures is a life-changing event.  The appearance and functionality of the mouth is a critical part of life.  Our aim with every set of dentures is to help every patient to have the best quality of life possible.  

Adjustments & Replacements for Dentures

Your mouth structure is continually changing, and the jawbone changes when teeth are missing causing teeth to migrate. When dentures are worn, this can happen more often. If you find out your dentures are not fitting as they should or you are experiencing soreness or pain from wearing your dentures, give us a call.