Preventing oral health problems is always better than restoring them.  Restoration usually takes more time, effort, money and never perfectly matches natural tooth.  Hence, preserving your teeth should always be your first option.  Dental sealants make it much easier to protect your teeth.  If you (or your children) are prone to developing cavities, ask Dr. Vazira about dental sealants.  

Dental Sealants

We use dental sealants to provide a protective layer on the surface of teeth.  Sealants are composed of acrylics, which is easily brushed on the enamel of teeth.  In most cases, sealants are applied to molars (rear teeth) because of their structure.  Molars typically have deep pits which capture food.  For this reason, molars tend to develop cavities.  Children, in particular, may have problems with cleaning their molars well.  Applying sealants to the pits of teeth prevents tooth decay.

What Is The Procedure For Sealants?

The whole procedure is painless and quick.  First, Dr. Vazira determines which tooth or teeth will benefit best from sealants. Then the following occurs: 

  • Cleaning: Before sealant application occurs, the mouth and teeth must be clean.  This cleaning allows the sealant to bond to teeth properly. 
  • Site preparation: A mild acidic solution prepares the tooth for the sealant.  This process strengthens the bond of the sealant to the teeth. 
  • Sealant application: The sealant is then slowly brushed to the tooth surface. This is done in several layers. A curing light is used for shaping and hardening the sealant.
  • Check and polish: Lastly, verification is done to ensure that you can comfortably bite. If any adjustments are needed, they are made, and polishing of the sealant follows.

Although sealants are primarily given to children, there are many applications for adults as well.  If you lead an extremely busy lifestyle and suffer from bouts of molar cavities, ask Dr. Vazira about dental sealants for adults.  After a comprehensive exam, she can discuss the best option available to you.