Digital Dental Xrays

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As anyone know, radiography is essential for most dental procedures as it helps diagnose conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. However, your ordinary x-ray will expose you to a level of radiation that, while still being relatively low, can harm your health after repeated sessions. Digital xrays, though, are able to cut down a patient’s level of radiation exposure by as much as 90%. From children to adults and even pregnant women, anyone can come in for an x-ray without a worry.

That’s not all. Digital radiographs being taken with an electronic sensor, there’s no film to process. The pictures can appear immediately on our computer screen and be shared easily via email. Being able to store these pictures digitally averts the possibility of them being misplaced (and reduces clutter in our office).

Another advantage is that digital xrays produce a sharper image than film can, revealing even the tiniest imperfections on patients’ teeth. The digital images can be enhanced via digital processing by brightening and darkening certain areas and magnifying other areas. This can help us achieve a more accurate diagnosis and prepare a more comprehensive treatment.

Why are X-rays necessary?

As a preventative, diagnostic tool, dental X-rays are essential, revealing valuable information not otherwise visible during a regular dental exam. They enable us to look at what is going on between teeth and under the gum, then use this information to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and create an accurate treatment plan. Without X-rays, such problem areas may go undetected. Among other things, dental X-rays may reveal:

  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Bone loss
  • Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors
  • Decay between the teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Poor tooth and root positions
  • Problems inside a tooth or below the gum line

Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage may save you time, money, unnecessary discomfort — and your teeth!

Dental X-Rays & Digital X-Rays FAQ

Q: I Am Pregnant Can I Still Have A Dental X-ray? 

A: Although the new digital x-ray process delivers at least 90 percent less radiation than traditional methods, the scientific consensus of opinion is that the foetus should not be exposed to any radiation wherever possible. That is why it is essential if you are pregnant or think you might be to inform your dentist immediately. If you are in the middle of a course of treatment, then there may be certain situations where it would be preferential to have some x-rays performed, but every case should be viewed on an individual basis. Essentially it will be a delicate balancing act and one that you and your dentist should discuss at length before making a decision.

Q: Are Dental X-Rays Safe For My Children?

A: As a parent one of our primary roles is the safety of our children; to protect our children and ensure they are kept safe and well. Studies have shown that children can be more sensitive to radiation than adults, and so this is a valid concern.

However, the amount of radiation emitted by the new digital x-ray process is considered to be safe for use on children, and the benefits of dental x-rays for your child are significant. Some of the reasons why our dentists utilize digital x-rays for children include monitoring and checking of the mouth, to ensure it is big enough to accommodate any growing teeth, to verify that any baby teeth are loosening sufficiently to make way for the developing adult teeth and to identify decay or gum disease early. In our opinion, these benefits far outweigh any small risks caused by digital x-rays.

Q: What Safety Precautions Does Tatiana Vazira DDS Employ When Conducting X-Rays?

A: At Tatiana Vazira DDS, we never take an x-ray unless we feel that it is necessary. Where possible, we always try to take only one image, rather than two or three, and this in itself drastically reduces the amount of radiation to which our patients are exposed. All of our x-ray machines are set to use the lowest radiation setting possible, and we even provide lead coverings for certain parts of your body, if you want to reduce the risk even further.

Q: How Does A Dentist Decide If An X-Ray Is Necessary? 

A: This is not a question we get asked on a regular basis, but one that we wanted to answer to try and put our patient’s mind at rest. When it comes to deciding whether or not an x-ray is necessary we take into consideration, a number of different factors. These include the age of our patients, at which stage their dental development is, any history we have in relation to their dental health, which symptoms the patient is presenting with, and finally any risk factors that we may be concerned about.

While we do our best to perform as few x-rays as possible, the fact remains that there are specific issues which only an x-ray can identify, and so if you choose not to have one done, there is a risk that an underlying dental problem will not be discovered until much later. As with all of our procedures at Tatiana Vazira DDS, feel free to discuss your thoughts and concerns with your dentist, we will never perform any treatment without your agreement and consent.

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